About Us


We wholeheartedly support the idea of reusing old buildings: even our office is located in a historic station building. When working with new buildings, we encourage our clients to plan carefully and find optimal solutions. We support using wood as a sustainable and renewable building material. Our project portfolio includes buildings made of bricks, wood, straw panels, and hempcrete.

Long-lasting value
We like buildings with simple, refined, archetypal forms and lively, high-quality interiors that age with grace.

When designing homes and summer houses, we envision modern Lithuanian wooden architecture. Our inspiration comes from old Scandinavian, Japanese, and Lithuanian wooden buildings. We believe that humans need environmental aesthetics as much as functionality.

In a world full of everything, it is better to do nothing than to do just anything. A good idea is like a baby: it takes time to mature.

We like to explore and try new things, so our designs are not limited to existing and tested solutions. With each project, we look for new forms, and combinations, and create an individual spirit unique to the client.

“Šilta šiaurė” is a part of the “Miško uostas” community residing in Švenčionėliai. Together with other creators from various fields, we promote a sustainable lifestyle that meets our values ​​and needs. We see our town as a prototype for spreading the ideas of sustainable living: convenient train connections offer traveling without a car, short distances encourage cycling and walking, the surrounding nature invites us to engage in healthy leisure activities, and the rapidly growing community of interesting, creative people is gradually proving that a small town is an ideal place for a quality, balanced and creative life.

The architectural identity of Švenčionėliai is associated with the buildings of the railway infrastructure, from which the history of the town began. It includes the railway station where our office is located, the old railway power plant, currently inhabited by our community, as well as a water tower, a pumping station, and a narrow-gauge train depot. There are many abandoned factories and dormitories on the outskirts of the town. All these buildings are a delight for creators’ imagination.

“Šilta šiaurė” office is also a coworking space and one of the meeting places for the “Miško uostas” creative community. From Monday to Friday, you can get a table with a view of the railway, and on weekends, the space can be rented for team events.